Play in Savannah

Play in Savannah

An amazing family day for the Savannah Kids Race

14 Jun 2023

The awaited Savannah Kids Race was held on the last Saturday of May, the 27th, in the enchanting setting of the Gros Bois neighbourhood. Several enthusiastic families signed up for the unprecedented event. The plan was as follows: mountain biking, fun games and sugar rush for children, and a craft sale for adults, all while enjoying some quality family time and breathing the fresh forested air of the wild south!


The joyful day started with the mountain biking races!

Young cyclists, aged between 5 and 14, split into 5 categories, mounted their bicycles at 08:30 sharp and cycled across 2 to 12 kilometres.

They wandered around lush Gros Bois in search of all its hidden treasures: the endless orchards, trails between the sugar cane fields, both ancient and modern houses, remnants of the neighbourhood’s past. It was an exploration for all members of the family as the little riders were accompanied by their parents, supporting them by foot or on their bicycle.

On a fine Saturday morning, the Gros Bois neighbourhood turned into a vast playground!

In the grass, on the street, in the mud, under a bridge… The 123 cyclists in the making who signed up for the races got to test their rides on all of the smooth as well as rough surfaces that the eve’s rain showers had designed.

It had been raining all of Friday night, and luckily enough, the rain stopped in Gros Bois some 20 minutes before the first start. What a relief it was for organisers and participants alike! They could hence enjoy a bright, sunny and safe race. The cheeky rainstorm resumed half an hour after the prize giving ceremony, but no one really cared as the cheerfulness had taken over the general ambiance.

Four young cyclists from Reunion Island had also travelled all the way to Savannah for the race. Amongst them was Noah Hoareau, the winner of the Minimes race. He tells us about his experience: “The track was quite a rolling one, so it was a little hard. But it was great! You Mauritians are very good!”

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After effort comes comfort!

Bouncy castle, candy floss, face painting, open playground… The children had the best fun during the rest of the day around La Place de Gros Bois. Savannah Connected Countryside also had something in store for the parents on this day! Since it was the day before Mothers’ Day in Mauritius, whilst children were enjoying all of the special activities planned for them, adults could casually shop at the craft sale by Nou Leritaz farm or enjoy a hot coffee gifted by La Corbeille and relax in the serene atmosphere of the area.

Mountain biking for all!

Did you know that cycling in nature helps us release endorphins – the happiness hormone? Besides being extremely beneficial for the body – especially for the heart, muscles and lungs – riding a bicycle is also good for the mind! Mountain biking often takes place far from the pollution of busy roads, thus allowing us to contemplate different sceneries, listen to the sounds of nature, reduce stress and anxiety, and sleep better at night.