SMART Initiatives

Connected Countryside

Savannah is a Village Connected...

… to its Environment

Soft mobility Savannah Mauritius
Soft Mobility

Savannah is committed to gaining international LEED green certification for its new neighbourhoods. The village strives to maintain a special relationship with its environment. It also features the required infrastructure for soft mobility options like walking and cycling to become part of everyday life.

Waste sorting | Savannah
Efficient Waste and Effluent Management

Waste management is everyone’s business and sorting bins will enable residents to reduce their environmental footprint. In addition to a dedicated space for bulky green waste, the implementation of a composting project jointly with ENL Agri is under consideration to process organic waste using BiobiN digesters. Individual sewage treatment plants will also be required as part of the architectural guidelines, for efficient effluent management.

Tiny forests in Savannah - South of Mauritius
Micro-Forests and Green Energy

For a more holistic approach to minimising environmental impacts, micro-forests will provide fresh air to the village. Photovoltaic and hydropower generation facilities will also be a valuable source of green energy.

… to the Future

Business conducive environment in Savannah
Broadband Internet

State-of-the-art technology will contribute to the smart and harmonious development of Savannah. Fibre-optic terminals have already been wired and residents and office workers only need to connect to the network to enjoy high-speed Internet. The installation of 5G aerials is planned by late 2023.

Gros Bois - Savannah - Mauritius
Monitoring of Water and Electricity Consumption

Savannah also relies on technology to reduce the carbon footprint of its common, residential and office areas. Smart sensors will measure water and electricity consumption and alerts will be sent by a platform accessible to users for real-time monitoring.

Savannah Connected Countryside, Mauritius
Better Urban Planning

A Geographic Information System (GIS) will centralise and organise all spatial data relating to land within the village to deliver a more professional approach to urban planning and development. This will enable. Among other advantages, the incorporation of accurate addressing information into tools such as Google Maps.

Working in Savannah
« Smart-Ready » Apartments

In addition, smart-ready apartments will allow owners to benefit from home automation applications if they wish.

… to the Island

Easy Access

Savannah is a pleasant place to live, close to everything and far from nothing, with direct access to the motorway and all the main centres and facilities of the island. It is an easy place to leave and even easier to come back to!

Savannah -unique lifestyle in the South of Mauritius
A Sense of Community

A shuttle is available for domestic employees to reduce their carbon footprint while making their commute easier. In order to create strong social bonds and encourage the integration of users, a collective will eventually be set up to encourage their participation in the daily life of Savannah.