Residential Land


Build your home in Savannah

For nearly fifteen years, the residential plots brought to the market by ENL Property have met with instant success and the Gros Bois area has emerged as a preferred residential destination in the South of Mauritius.

Build your home in Savannah

Les sentiers de Gros Bois

Les Sentiers de Gros Bois , Savannah’s first residential morcellement will soon be on the market under the Smart City Scheme, offering 23 large, ready-to-build freehold plots during the first phase.

Well-thought-out specifications

Les Sentiers de Gros Bois’ specifications enhance the feeling that each house is part of a
harmonious whole that enables each family to invent its own story, grow and thrive.

Ground cover

Maximum 35%

Maximum height

of the residence 8.5m

Soil sealing

Maximum 40%

Maximum of 1 storey

representing up to 60%
of the ground floor area


Minimum 10% of the ground floor area

Roofs & canopies

Roofing material: sheet metal.
3 choice of colours available.


Betafence and concrete wall


4 sides

*  Summary of the main indications of the specifications, which can in no way replace the complete specifications, which will be given to you on request when the project is marketed.

They moved to Savannah

Eddy David

Resident of Gros Bois

« I remember the day we visited Gros Bois for the first time. The meeting point was near the chimneys... We immediately fell in love with that place and were attracted by its calm atmosphere! It was then a vast sugar cane field, but we projected ourselves without any difficulty: this is where we wanted to enjoy our retirement. And it really changed our lives! We started mountain biking (now, it's minimum 50 km per week!) and the friendliness and respect embodied by the community of Gros Bois make us happy every day. »

Marie-Laure & Jean-Michel Bouic

Residents of Gros Bois

« A little over ten years ago, we had the chance to be among the first to discover Les Vergers de Gros Bois, which immediately won us over with its location, its atmosphere and its architectural guidelines. We were first tenants of one of the property houses, before becoming owners. We have always felt safe and free there. With the school, the Club House, the kids club, the playgrounds for children and La Corbeille, there is now more life and solidarity. Result: new acquaintances, young families and less young ones, the happiness and the privilege of seeing children and grandchildren grow up in the middle of this setting. »