Play in Savannah

Play in Savannah

L’Orée agri-park: soon a reality in Savannah

04 Dec 2023

Savannah’s new agricultural park development is a go-to source for fresh fruit and vegetables, a fun learning space for children as well as a source of pride for residents!

An exciting project is taking root in the heart of Savannah Connected Countryside, opposite Les Jardins de Gros Bois. An eco-park covering 11 arpents will be developed with several distinct areas, including an endemic forest, a sustainable food crop garden, an educational farm where workshops and training sessions will take place, and a lounge and restaurant area to enjoy produce harvested on-site in a relaxing setting – a truly stunning destination!

A three-phase project

The Savannah eco-park is a long-term project with three successive development phases. The first one is already underway and consists of tree planting and food production using sustainable farming practices. This phase is expected to take 5 years to reach maturity and will then be available to the public. In the meantime, a dedicated application will soon enable residents and businesses located in the area to order their fruit and vegetables directly online! Subsequently, the second phase will focus on the development of parallel infrastructure – such as the farm and restaurant. The third and final phase will be dedicated to the establishment of leisure facilities on the educational farm. This bodes well in terms of discovery opportunities for residents of Savannah of all ages.

Stakeholder testimonials

They are involved in setting up the farm, project partners or future beneficiaries of the eco-park’s produce. Everyone in Gros Bois, Savannah’s first neighbourhood, has an opinion to share about this exciting project.

Julian Merven

Savannah Connected Countryside resident

“I am thrilled at the idea of having such a place close to home. I like to spend time in nature with my children to show them endemic plants or little-known tropical fruits like bilimbi or star fruit. I can’t wait to be able to do the same in Savannah's future eco-park. I am also delighted at the thought of soon being able to eat fresh fruit and vegetables coming from a short supply chain."

Jean-François Pellegrin

Design & Installation Manager at ESP Landscapers

“It is a great opportunity to work on this exceptional project. It comes with its share of challenges, such as implementing and operating an agricultural system based on Agroforestry principles, while integrating aesthetic and functional aspects into the design of the agri-park. I am convinced that the farm will become a point of attraction in the south, offering new outdoor activities to the people of Mauritius.”

Philippe La Hausse & Boris Mayer

Blue Boa consultants

"We are confident that this project has the potential to enrich the local community while providing a concrete example of sustainable development that will contribute to a more resilient Mauritius. We were involved in the development of this eco-park concept and brought our expertise in terms of ecological systems to enable Savannah’s residents to experience a responsible lifestyle combining education, relaxation and sustainable food that is suitable for the country.”

Victoria Samouilhan

Project Manager of the eco-park

“This innovative project requires advanced understanding of organic farming. We want to do well and have therefore brought in external consultants to help with its creation. I can’t wait for the farm to take shape to provide good quality and healthy products to the people of Savannah. In parallel, we are planning various activities for their enjoyment, including nature walks, discovery of endemic species and sustainable agriculture training. In short, this farm will be a real place for sharing and learning for all ages, in harmony with nature!”

Vincent Lagesse

Property Development Manager, Savannah

“The eco-park development is fully aligned with Savannah’s positioning as a connected countryside. It will it enable local residents and food services to source fresh produce grown using good farming practices. It will also be a pleasant meeting place for visitors. A real asset!”