Play in Savannah

Play in Savannah

Experience the inaugural Savann’Adventure, an exhilarating outdoor obstacle race!

05 Mar 2024

This brand-new race is poised to become a favourite with families and groups of friends seeking an enjoyable sporting experience. Discover all about Savann’Adventure and register now for the debut edition on 25 May 2024.

After organising the highly popular Moka Trail and Moka Decathlon Night Run, Savann’Adventure has now been crafted by ENL Property to present Mauritians with a fresh challenge. This thrilling new event promises to be an adrenaline-packed adventure for wide audience, offering an unforgettable experience.

Participants will embark on a scenic loop through nature, starting from La Place de Gros Bois, meandering through the beautiful landscapes of the South of the island and verdant sugarcane fields, and alongside a river. Spanning six kilometres, the course features around fifteen obstacles that will put your skills to the test, injecting a dose of fun and excitement into the event!

Savann’Adventure stands out for its laid-back format, blending adventure with camaraderie. The race welcomes everyone from seasoned runners to families and groups of friends aged 13 and above. The fun will be amplified for groups of two to ten participants. Don your team’s colours, dress up and rally your tribe with a motivating chant – no challenge will be too daunting for you!

Join us on Savann'Adventure

We invite you to participate as a runner or volunteer, counting on your motivation and enthusiasm to make this day a success.

Whether solo or as a team, participants must pick up their race bibs between 10am and 7pm on Wednesday 22 May 2024 at Decathlon Bagatelle. Remember to bring your ID and ROAG reference number. Alternatively, a family or team member can collect it on your behalf, provided they present your personal identification documents.

Note: Only registered participants will be permitted to join the race, so be sure you sign up in advance.

Staggered starts will take place between 8.00am and 11.30am to ensure optimum running conditions for each runner or group.

I want to register for the Savann'Adventure!

If you prefer to be part of Savann’Adventure behind the scenes and contribute to making this adventure a reality, we welcome your support. From greeting participants at the Savannah International School car park to cheering them on at the finish line, your involvement is crucial to the success of such an event – and we are most grateful to you.

I want to join the Savann'Adventure organising team as a volunteer.

Our sponsors

Savann’adventure’s team wants to extend a heartfelt THANK YOU to the sponsors for their trust and support in this new adventure!

We look forward to seeing you on 25 May for a day filled with sports and laughter, destined to become an essential event on your calendar!